We have refined the techniques of artistic digital imaging enhancement into a science of the proper use and combinations of plugin filters and precise adjustments.  Whether you want to learn how or have us do it for you, artistic image transformations are an absolutely beautiful way to preserve a valuable image you may have.

Robert Gupton, owner and operator of Video/Graphics, has been in involved with professional photography and art for over 35 years. With an eye for perfection, he has added digital darkroom techniques to his present services of video film transfer and personal painted portraits.

Knowing there are graphic artists who would love to obtain skills superior to those taught in the classroom, Video/Graphics is offering to share years of experience and experimentation with various software programs, Photoshop filters and tips to enable one to become more artistic with their graphic images with a tutorial on DVD.

It takes more than brushes and paints to make an artist.  Extraordinary digital imaging effects can be created by using combinations of filters to produce effects seen in our web site.  Having spent thousands of hours working with digital imaging in Photoshop with every available plugin filter and other enhancement programs, Robert has been able to produce incredible art and is a recognized artist.  To see some of his abstract art paintings that were exhibited at Emory University, click here.

In 1987, Robert and Gail Gupton, opened Video/Graphics from their home, where they still operate.

With their lives drastically changed from a severe auto accident in 1982, opportunities evolved enabling Robert to continue his creative talents with his background in advertising, marketing, and public relations and allowed Gail to fulfill her ambitions of helping others with a worthwhile service. Robert is also the founder and director of Abilities
for The Disabled, an organization that helps the disabled start a profitable home business, getting them off public assistance.

Robert's early background in the 60's and 70's found him creating advertising campaigns for
companies like Audi who had just been introduced to the United States, Belk Department Stores. the brand new Hardee's restaurant chain, and political campaigns for state congressmen. His experience with Capitol Hill Advertising and Public Relations gave him his foundation for the marketing, advertising, and graphic art skills he now uses in his web site. Art, photography and video became his hobby and his expertise came through day and night involvement in his career which he does not consider "work" but enjoyment. Being self employed for the past 22 years has given him the ability to know the workings of successful business promotion. All his creative accomplishments take on that little extra "shine" of experience.

In 1978, Robert turned down an appointment to the U.S. Department of Commerce, choosing to start his own company, Gupton Marketing Services. His main desire became one of helping others become successful in business. Some may call him an entrepreneur, an artist, a writer, a businessman, or marketing expert, but he says he is just happily living his purpose utilizing the talents he was born with.

At age 58, Robert says he has done most everything he has wanted to do and now enjoys helping and watching others become the
success he has experienced. He and Gail are also spiritual teachers and have helped people from all over the world through their spiritual web site, Beyond Prayer and Meditation.

Robert and Gail have both had many articles about their business published in magazines like U.S Art and Small Business Opportunities as well as Internet Day. Robert had a solo art show at Emory University in 1994 exhibiting his exclusive Electronic Art.